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Bible Reading Overview

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"The World's Most Flexible Bible Reading Plan"

This header is, as You will soon discover, a bit ironic. It´s all about a Bible reading plan that really isn´t any plan at all!

As You might know, there are a lot of Bible reading schedules out there to buy or to download from the Internet, and I´m convinced that most of them are both elaborate and good. It´s just that personally, I have never succeeded to mobilize sufficient amount of discipline to follow any such plan for a longer period than a week or two. Genetic or environmental causes - I don´t know. I suppose it has to do with my deeply rooted irrational opposition against studying the ways of the Creator in the same manner as studying mechanics or economics.

But it´s my experience that the science of nutrition and Bible reading has it´s similarities. There are passages in the Bible which act as fast carbohydrates - like Genesis, Psalms, the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and Acts. They can be read right through and You think You understand what You´re reading. And then there are other passages which almost seem to contain nothing but bulk matter, like Leviticus, Jeremiah, Ezekiel among others. You read it, but feel that just small glimpses here and there can be absorbed - the rest is unfathomable or indigestible for other reasons.

But just like the bulk is essential for the proper function of the digestive apparatus although it passes right through the intestine - or rather due to that fact - it is my own experience that it is good to have a balance between bulk and fast carbohydrates even concerning spiritual matters. My Bible reading overview will highlight that after a period of reading when the white bulk-rich areas become visible among all the passages that has been read one or several times.

In addition I personally feel more comfortable under the administration of freedom, where I can decide for myself what I´d like to read. And of course there is no prohibition against rereading favourite passages over and over again even though they happen to be shadowed. That´s for oneself to decide, and there is no teacher hanging over You to correct You.

So - in short - Good luck in your biblical provisioning expedition. And good appetite!

Click on the pdf-icon below to download my overview. I hope that You will benefit from it, like I have done myself!

The Bible Reading Plan in pdf version

This is the way it may look after a while (Swedish version)!

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